Giant Mountains, Czech Republic

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The picturesque mountain town is located 450 metres above sea level. Vrchlabi is called „The Gate to the Giant Moutains“. Vrchlabi is an ideal starting point for trips into the central part of the Giant Mountains. The dominant of the town is the castle. Krystof Gendorf from Gendorf started the construction in 1546. The castle belongs to the earliest buildings of the Renaissance architecture in Bohemia. An unknown architect followed a scheme of Italian castelet (small fortress or castle). The entry hall substitutes the court. An Italian architect Carlo Valmadi probably finished the castle construction. Originally the castle was surrounded by a 12 m wide water moat which was crossed by three bridges. Visitors can entre only in the entry hall where they can admire doors with inlaid motives and pictures of last hunted bears in the Giant Moutains (in 1665, 1693, 1701 and 1726). The most valuable monument from the original equipment – Renaissance tile stove is placed in the former hall of knights (nowadays council hall). Unique is the stove size and also decoration (it presents one of the first applications of majolica in Bohemia). There are tiles with biblical motives and a date 1545 on the stove. Nowadays, the catle is the residence of the town council.

Vrchlabi - history

The first mention about the settlement is from the 13th century and obtained the town rights on October 6, 1533 and also got the town sigh from king Ferdinand I. by request of Krystof from Gendorf.

The first mention of the settlement Vrchlabi comes from 1359. The settlement owned noblemen Hasek from Vrchlabi who settled in settlement constructed from wood and protected by a moat. In the 16th and 17th century with mining, glassmaking and logging came an increased influx of German inhabitants. The result was the equivalent name of the settlement Vrchlabi – Hohenelbe and chalet building, breeding of cattle and hay drying. In 1642 became Albreacht from Valdstejn the owner of the demesne. That time is the period of the biggest bloom of the town. In 1634 after Albrecht from Valdstejn had been murded, emperor presented the town and the demesne to Jan Rudolf Morzin. Wars for Silesia waged by Maria Theresa on King Frederick II. were distubing the life of townsmen since the forties of 18th century a futher on the villain rebellion that was lead by Lanov mayor Anthony Lahr. Up to the middle of 19th century when spinning and wehaving remained a domestic handicraft, new bleaching gounds and textile fabrics printing plants were established. Furthermore during the period up to the First World War the dominant importance of the textile industry was increased by printing plants, dye-works and bandage material works Hartmann and Kleining. During the period after the post-war crisis new professions gained ground - manufacturing of automobile bodies (company Th. Peter) and cables (company K.Löwit).

The town became centre of tourism in the central part of the Giant Mountains thanks its convenient location. Home and foreign visitors can choose from many accommodation objects, sports and culture facilities. Vrchlabi is a startind point for trips to the Giant Mountains and to the further places of the northeast region of the Czech republic.

Sights in Vrchlabi

The Renaissance castle from 1546; Old Town Hall from 1591 is the dominant of the town square Miru; New Town Hall from 1732-1737 (originally Baroque town hall was rebuilt in New-Reneissance style) lies on the town square of T.G.Masaryk; Dean´s Cathedral of St. Lawrence; Marian plague pillar from 17th century; Three Houses – historical houses from 17th century; Augustinian Monastery – nowadays the Giant Mountains Museum, founded by the Maxmilian from Morzin in 1705; originally Baroque stone bridge from 17th century with a statue of St. Jan Nepomucky.

Personalities from Vrchlabi

Josefina Kablikova (1787 – 1863) – the first woman – botanist in Austrian-Hungary, herbalist and founder of new kinds of Giant Mountains flora, Vojtech Kablik (1783 – 1853) – apothecary, chemist, excellent naturalist and mineralogist, Konrad Wiesner (1821 – 1847) talented painter and cooper engraver, Karel Halir (1859 – 1909) excellent concert master violinist, bandmaster, teacher and composer.

Vrchlabi – tourist attraction

Vrchlabi is an ideal place for hiking and biking trips. Vrchlabi and the surroundings offers many opportunities for spending of an active summer holiday – hiking, water sports, cycling and biking (individuals or groups), tennis, horsebackriding, paragliding or bobslegh tracks.

Vrchlabi can offer you rich cultural program all the year round – in form of promenade concerts, expositions, discoteques, cinema visits and expecially important sports events.

Tle Giant Mountains Beerfest in Vrchlabi (always the second Saturday in August). Favourite beerfest offers presentations of 10 breweries, beer tasting and competitions with culture program on the town square…

Do you want to see the Giant Mountains from the horse saddle – horse riding enables it. Knezice Chalet is located 700 m above sea level between Vrchlabi and Benecko, in the middle of forests and pastures. You needn´t worry to ride our horses. Everyone can try the feeling from horse riding. We have horses which have been chosen for beginners and also for experienced riders. It is not possible to learn riding during one or two weeks, it is only informative training where we show how you shold ride. We ride in the closest surrounding and to the Giant Mountains National Park. The chalet is located on its border. Children like to ride pony or donkey. You will be accompanied by an instructor who will be glad to help you.

Sightseeing flights from local airport over the Giant Mountains will impressed you and you will have nice experiences.

Vrchlabi – ski centre Knezice

Ski centre Knezicky Vrch is situated west of the town Vrchlabi, on by-pass road in direction Spindleruv Mlyn. The ski area is on the east slope of Knezicky hill. Ski lifts and a chair lift goes to the top of Knezicky hill (710 m above sea level). New three-chair lift with capacity of 1500 people. Six pistes with the total length of 6700 m – daily maintenance with a snow machine. Artificial snow-making system on the main ski slopes. The ski area Knezicky vrch is suitable for families with children. Following facilities are available: ski and snowboard rental service, ski and snowboard school, car park, snack.



News from Giant Mountains

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The Giant Mountains

The Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains) are the most well known mountains in the Czech republic – mountain Snezka is the highest peak of the country. The Giant Mountains are the most visited region in Czech in the winter season. Wide offer of accommodation in the Giant Mountains – cottages, chalets, hotels and bed&breakfast houses. Accommodation in the Giant Mountains is a great choice when you like sports (skiing, hiking, biking) and virgin nature. Skiing in the Giant Mountains – excellent conditions for winter sports already from December until April. Downhill skiing in the Giant Mountains in altitude 700-1300 metres above sea level. Information portal brings you tourist information which you need to the visit of the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic. 

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