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What to do with leisure time of guests who come to mountains because of winter sports and there is not enough snow there? – Spindleruv Mlyn

    Several workshops of representatives of information centres and Krkonose – svazek mest a obci (association of towns and villages in the Giant Mountians) disclosed a principal fault in the tourism in the highest and most visited Czech Mountains.

    Several businessman in the Giant Mountains earn in winter in time when is enough snow. The problem comes in time when the snow conditions are not good and the concern about the mountains declines. That is why it is important to solve the question how to fulfil the free time of guests?

    Shops in towns are closed after 5 p.m., restaurants have limited number of seats, and there are only several clubs and entertainment facilities here. There are several indoor swimming pools, tenis and squash halls, three aquaparks and several outdoor activities agents here.
    Tourists drives through the region, wander through towns and do not knot what to do. Aktivity offer rescue museums. The exposition of the Giant Mountains National Park was visited much more this winter then in last years.
    Is enough people, businessmen in the Giant Mountains who think about what to offer to guests in leisure time when is not any snow?
    The association of towns and villages in the Giant Moutains organized meeting with partners, businessman and public with the topic „The offer of tourist products, free time activities and opportunities in the Giant Mountains and the surrounding area (Podkrkonosi)" and sub-title „What to do when it is not enough snow or else how to extend the offer of activities for tourists".
    This year´s winter season openly showed that the weather is unsure and that is why the ski opportunities are limited. It is necessary to prepade alternatives of winter fun and pleasures to keep the interest in stays in the highest Czech mountains. Important is mutual cooperation of business subjects. Cooperation goodwill is still not clear in all parts of the Giant Mountains.
    On this occassion, the guests became acquainted with intentions of the Local action group of The Giant Mountains, with atractivities of the Sdruzeni originalnich produktu Krkonos. The discussion was about the project „Bonuss Pass" in Spindleruv Mlyn and activities of the Yellow point agency and their experience with the winter project No-snow pass. The Now-snow pass included for example the giant swing, 1,5 hour in the indoor swimming pool, drink in a night bar, indoor activities as indoor motorway for children, aircrafts with distance kontrol etc. According to Mr. Ota Cerny, these activities are suitable for visitors, but they do not use it as the supposition was. He said: „... it is important that visitors know the oportunities. It is another thing that they do not use it. Maybe they use it next year and they will be not dissapoint that they can not ski."
    For example in Ponikla, small village in the Giant Mountains, přepade program for tourist. Visitors of the shop and manufacture Rautis (traditional glass Christmas decorations) can see the producing and can also make a Christmas decoration by themselves.



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    The Giant Mountains

    The Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains) are the most well known mountains in the Czech republic – mountain Snezka is the highest peak of the country. The Giant Mountains are the most visited region in Czech in the winter season. Wide offer of accommodation in the Giant Mountains – cottages, chalets, hotels and bed&breakfast houses. Accommodation in the Giant Mountains is a great choice when you like sports (skiing, hiking, biking) and virgin nature. Skiing in the Giant Mountains – excellent conditions for winter sports already from December until April. Downhill skiing in the Giant Mountains in altitude 700-1300 metres above sea level. Information portal brings you tourist information which you need to the visit of the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic.